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Installation price and analysis of electric boiler
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Installation price and analysis of electric boiler
Author: administrator release date: 2020-03-23 10:13:11

  Electric boiler With the advantages of more and more users of electric boilers, electric boiler heating is an economical, energy saving, safe, scientific, environmental protection, new and efficient heating method. With the combination of electric boiler and floor heating system, the room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, giving people a sense of cool feet. Improving blood circulation and promoting metabolism in new towns has certain health functions. It accords with the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, which is warm from foot to foot and from cold feet. The electric boiler does not produce any odor, noise, and no electron radiation.

Not only indoor air is clean, but also contribute to reducing haze. The use of electric boilers not only saves space, but also makes a beautiful furniture. Electric boilers convert electricity directly into heat energy, heating up rapidly, and the efficiency of thermal conversion is close to 100%. The energy saving effect is very obvious compared with the traditional heating method. The electric boiler can satisfy intermittent heating. The temperature controller can detect the temperature of the room, make the indoor temperature change slowly, and the energy saving effect is obvious. The operation cost of the electric boiler is low, the electric boiler heating is fully utilized, and the State encourages the electricity consumption policy. The running cost is 20%-40% cheaper than other equipment such as air conditioning, gas and so on.

In particular, inflation, water, coal and natural gas prices will only rise and electricity prices will be lower and lower. The electric boiler product consumes about 100 watts per square metre per hour. There are many responsible electric heating enterprises have commitments, according to the 100 square meter house, from November 15th to 15 days on -3, a total of four months, the electricity fee not more than 2000 yuan. The temperature is 18 degrees to 22 degrees. If the normal use exceeds the local central heating.

Electric boiler heating, no matter how the outdoor temperature changes, can accurately control the temperature. Heating is not allowed at any time from heating time. So as to avoid cold and spring cold caused by influenza and fever, so that your body is healthier. The electric boiler has a long service life. After the national test, the continuous use time can reach more than 50000 hours. Electric boilers, safety protection, no scaling, no corrosion, no destruction, the service life and the building time can be synchronized. It can even achieve room control, centralized control, remote control to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

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